Thursday, October 9, 2008

Christian Internet Ministry

Christian Internet Ministry

From: InternetMinister, 5 hours ago

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Lesson 1. Why Christian Internet Ministry is important. By Internet Minister Scott Reese. Web Evangelism presentation.

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* I just broke my cell phone ) :
So for now I will be unable to post - hopefully though this blog has served its purpose of showing that even if a missionary doesn't have a computer, he/she could use a cell phone to quickly update his supporters. You may sign up for a free google (blogger) mobile blog HERE.

For more information please visit:

Also please prayerfully consider donating just $5 a month to help with our Internet Ministry endeavors. Pausing just a moment to do this could make a powerful impact - many doing a little adds up to much! It is our prayer that Christians will not only be interested in Internet Ministry but that they will also be inspired to get involved and to make a difference!

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